Perfect Embroidery Pro Amelia Quilt

Using PEP software we will create and stitch out one of the prettiest quilts to come out in a long time. Designed by Shirley Rosenbrock (Cinnamon Serenade and Jacobean Jewels creator), this 12 block beauty will bring grace to any bedroom. This class will enhance your knowledge of PEP software in a practical way.  We will use a base fabric, applique a second fabric on it and embroidery over the top of all of it. The first class will be software the second class will be embroidery, from then we will alternate every other class will be software then embroidery. 

Registration fee* of $35.00+ $5.00 fee per block, which will be waived if you come to class with the previous block stitched-out. *Registration fee includes the electronic copy of the workbook.

This is powerful software and it works extremely well in creating these designs.  By the time you have finished you will have created a heirloom quilt, learned color selection and become more comfortable using your embroidery machine.  You will learn how to:


  • open a ready-made design and select and delete specific areas or parts of the design
  • remove and edit design outline stitches
  • use the Lasso Tool to separate a readymade design into pieces
  • remove large sections and individual sections of the design
  • select a single element, copy/paste the element and position the pieces into a larger design
  • resize, rotate/flip and rotate new design elements
  • join all the design elements back together into a single design
  • change colors in all the new elements
  • use the Carousel tool and replicate design pieces symmetrically
  • split a large design in the software to fit in machine hoop
  • earn to color sort threads to reduce thread changes on the embroidery machine
Embroidery Machine
  • align a split design
  • applique a split design

Thing you will need for class:

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Perfect Embroidery Pro Amelia Quilt

$ 35.00

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