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What is Vintage Embroidery? Vintage embroidery mimics the look of handwork from yesteryear. It features chunky fills and luscious satins digitized with today's technology. It is a textured approach to machine embroidery that's so fabric-friendly! Duplicate what you see in ready wear with your home machine. To achieve the look, you'll need the right thread combined with designs from Vintage Embroidery software.
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Dime Event!
Vintage Chic combines the nostalgic look of hand embroidery but with today's technology. It's vintage like your great-grandmother's hand stitched linens but it's also relevant and popular for today's fashions.

Northwest Inspired 
Northwest Inspired was established to bring you the very best experience you could ever have while sewing, embroidering, quilting, serging and crafting. We aim to inspire and bring FUN back into your hobby. Our goal is simple; we want you to never forget these three fun filled, project packed days! We are here to provide great knowledge on a vast selection of techniques, topics and products. We guarantee that when you attend this event, you will want to come back next year!
Helpful tool of the week!

Purple Thang 

You will be amazed at how easy this tool will make your projects! It pushes, pulls, and pokes. Every quilter, crafter, or seamstress needs one of these. Made of heavy plastic. You can thread a ribbon through the slot and wear it around your neck. Imported

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Upcoming Classes

Serger Instruction

You no longer need to be afraid of your serger! Come learn how to properly use your 2/3/4 thread Serger in this instructional class. We will show you how to thread your Serger and convert your Serger so you are able to do various 2-3-4 thread techniques. We make serging easy and fun!

Inspiration Software Skill Building Tutorials
This series of classes will introduce new users to the digitizing tools in Perfect Embroidery Professional Software (PEP) by Dime.  Each class will build on tools learned in the previous lessons. Currently there are eight classes that will be offered once a month, from February to September, with more to follow later.

Embroidery Workshop
Attention all Embroidery Machine Owners: Bring your machine and learn to master your embroidery. We will be covering basics such as: setting up your embroidery machine properly, stabilizers, needle and thread selection, enlarging/reducing, rotating, moving up/down, and side to side. And more!


Charmed Adventure HoopSister's 2017 Block of the Month

We have set up several Sit N Sew days where you can bring your embroidery machine and spend the day sewing on your HoopSisters Quilt.

Happy Sewing!
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