Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide - How to Bag a Good Deal

Keeping your home dirt-free is no joke. Get a vacuum cleaner to keep your home squeaky clean. Vacuum cleaners differ in price, size and features. The higher the price, the more features you get. You should consider the size of your house and the money you are going to shell out when buying a vacuum cleaner.

What kind of vacuum cleaner is best for you?

Upright Vacuum Cleaners:

Initially, the only model available was the upright vacuum cleaner. The upright vacuum cleaner is heavier compared to other types. This single wheeled machine includes a motor, hose, bag and beater. The upright vacuum cleaner is preferred for cleaning large spaces. This machine is not ideal for cleaning staircases and corners. Most upright vacuum cleaners have large cleaner bags that do not need to be changed frequently. Avoid this model if you have allergies.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners:

The canister vacuum cleaner with a HEPA seal is a safe choice for allergy sufferers. It is lighter compared to the upright vacuum cleaner. Canister vacuum cleaners have a motor and a bag. You can carry it up and down the stairs with ease and also reach under your furniture with ease. This vacuum cleaner can also remove pet hair from your floor without damaging your precious carpet. You will be able to keep all those hard to reach areas free from dust with the flexible hose and brushes that come along with these vacuums. The canister vacuum cleaner is a good choice if you need to clean a lot of hard surfaces.

Central Vacuum System:

Central vacuum systems are also perfect for allergy sufferers. You need not carry the whole system with you as you clean. You only have to carry the hose. Professional installation is necessary, and in the end, every room of your house will have an outlet with a hose connection. The motor of a central vacuum system is very powerful. It ensures that any dust sucked up by the hose is carried through pipes to a container located in your garage or basement; otherwise it releases the dirt outside. The only disadvantage of a central vacuum system is the typically long hose, which can be awkward to maneuver. This vacuum cleaner can also be rather expensive.

Hand vacuum cleaner:

A hand vacuum cleaner is perfect for small clean up jobs. Since the motor does not require much power, you will find many cordless options. The hand vacuum cleaner uses a small cup to collect the dirt instead of bags. You can extend the hose of the vacuum cleaner using a wand. This model is very thin and light, making it ultra portable.

What constitutes a good vacuum cleaner?

The Filter:

HEPA is the acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air. A HEPA filter is specially designed for asthmatic patients and allergy sufferers. There are many vacuum cleaners that are good at suctioning away dust and dirt, but still leave airborne particles. The HEPA filter is guaranteed to vacuum away at least 99.97% of all dirt particles in your home.


Some vacuum cleaners come with both bag while others have bagless options. The paper bag is disposable while bags made from synthetic materials are reusable. If you choose a vacuum cleaner with bags, then you need to buy new bags occasionally. Many vacuum cleaners come with a dust bag change indicator which warns you when the bag is full. For bagless vacuum cleaners, you will need to clean the dirt container with soap and water. Most bagless vacuums have the added bonus of a built-in HEPA filter to remove airborne allergens.

Cords and Hoses:

A vacuum cleaner cord is generally around 20 to 30 feet. The length you need will depend upon the size of your house. To handle your vacuum cleaner well, always buy retractable cords. It is better to get long electrical cords. Ensure that your hoses are flexible and they do not kink when twisted.


A blower is used to remove dirt from places where your hose cannot reach. When you use the blower option, the dirt is blown away. This leaves the area nice and clean. This option may not be safe for highly allergic people.

Two-Fan Suction Motor:

The two-fan suction motor should have suction control switches. Suction is the method by which a vacuum cleaner picks up dust and collects it in the dust bag. You need more suction for carpets than curtains. Control switches can be very handy if you will be cleaning several different surfaces and fabrics.

Revolving Brush:

A revolving brush removes dirt particles from a carpet. This option is useful for picking up pet hair. Some vacuum cleaners are available with a revolving brush while others only come with the straight suction attachment.

Adjustable Telescopic Wand:

An adjustable telescopic wand is great for cleaning objects and spaces at different heights. If you have many high cabinets and ceiling fans in your home, a vacuum cleaner that comes with an adjustable telescopic wand will be very convenient for you.


A vacuum cleaner should have at least a dusting brush with soft bristles, crevice tools, upholstery tools and floor tools. A crevice tool is a long and thin attachment used to clean places where your hose cannot reach. Upholstery tools help you vacuum your curtains, cushions and mattresses. Floor tools are perfect for keeping bare floors spotless.


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